This is a brief description of how the NLM system works for carriers. There are a few simple steps that allow you to view shipment details for existing and completed shipments for your location.

1 Log in to NLM's Premium Freight Management System on the main page of with your user identification and password. At this stage you select the specific plant or location you represent.
2 Upon location selection, the web site will open a page showing the open or awarded shipments for that particular location.
3 From this screen you can quick-view shipments that are in transit or have been completed. Simply click on a 'details' button to obtain information specific to that shipment.
4 The details screen shows all of the information specific to that shipment ID. All records of shipment details are kept on record to be accessed at a later time if necessary.
5 If necessary, NLM gives you the option to change your password at any time whenever you log in. Changing your password every once in a while is recommended for security purposes, what this does is offer you a more secure, save environment for your business transactions.

That's it!

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